Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You Look Good Today

Last year today, Nov 9, 2004. I went to Paris for the first time, thus the photo posted above to mark the date. That is a loving relationship I never want to or will get out.

I had a hair cut two weeks ago. Feedback is primarily good including a weird one like it make me look like Japanese. (They are famous for good sense of weird style, so that might be counted as good too).

Today, I suddenly run into all possible people whose opinion or reaction I value for various reasons and they all reacted very enthusiastically: Good hair cut! You look nice! Or if only expressions or eye contact are made, their eyes lighted up when they saw me and their smile especially sweet.

Not that I always had bad hair or looked wacky, quite opposite, but I know today I shine, from the black outfit matched with my favorite black square scarf which dated back ages, my semi-new hair and a good night's long and innocent sleep, and my peaceful heart.

One co-worker literally had to give me a hug to make his point. "You and your New York black and this great hair cut!" His smile revealed his controlled admiration. I did my cat walk and we laughed together. He is emotionally close since we went through a tough time together last year. And he has the charm that grows on you over time, a good married man with a lovely daughter and wife.

No one would know that I stepped on pieces of my broken wine glasses from previous night and bled. No one would know that I was in pain and continue to be in.

But today I look fantastic and feel so too. Heartache is not a subject.

No male co-worker dare to point out how it is also because the sleek pant holes I wore today to commemorate my trip to Paris last year, today.

And of course, it is the sophisticated color black which I carries well (not sure about pink bra under white sweater which I did over the weekend).

I look good, but I won't be if I don't also feel good and blessed.

I know I do have lot to be grateful about. I have been lucky to have had enjoyed so many cities in the last year, Paris, New York, Montreal, Beijing, Seattle, Rome, Porsitano, Laguna (Not a frequent flyer yet). I have been lucky that my family is well and healthy, and we love each other. I have tasted happiness and pain of love.
I used travel to ease my pain of an otherwise turmoil and intense time. And I see the world.
It is also fortunate that I have this city as my home. This great city that makes every trip even better knowing that I am going back to a forever destination.
None of these I have really planned when I grew up in that quite town in Eastern China. None of these, including the tears and joy.

And I shall hold up, keep smiling, and continue to look fantastic and to know when to stay and persevear, and when to walk away.


Blogger Thomas said...

I am sure you looked nice today.

About my new blog, I have almost too many ideas. I am not sure where to start.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

You are quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel so extensively.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Matt, you and your smooth lines...

10:50 AM  
Blogger New York Red said...


What are some of your blog ideas? You both use very smooth lines to validate what I am trying to say.

Is this a Texas thing, laywer thing, "or your blog is too boring thing". I don't seem to provoke thought.

Again, I don't seem to heal people's or myself's pain either.

11:56 AM  

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