Friday, October 21, 2005

English Class at Berlitz

I was sitting across from her in this small room of Berlitz at Mid Town Manhattan. My boss has sent me here to polish my communication skills to "further advancing my career".

She dose not want to promote me again just yet, no money to give me, I did asked once for VP title, but she proactively send me to a language class to say you are good enough yet.

What I got on her nerve, the only thing that she can point on, is I sometime do not distinguish He or She. That is so silly, but I do have that problem, no matter how good I think I have become with this language.

I am dreaming of executive treatment with presentation expert to teach me skills of public speech. Nope, it is Berlitz.

I sat in a small crappy room with the #1 on it, across from a mid-age Bohemian looking woman. She does not know what to do with me, I mean, the instructor. I am too advanced for them.

That feels good, and bad.

We begin to read from a book:

Let's get on the bus. Let's get off the train. Please take off your coat. Let's turn on the light.

Make a sentence with "Sooner or Later".

Mind you, I scored 720 in GMAT and 2100 in GRE.

I never felt wasting my life before in my life doing anything I had been doing, even just sitting under the sun day dreaming, right then I felt it. And it was not a good feeling.

Every minute, every hour taken away, will be lost. I can't be sitting here doing this. So I decide to take things on my own hand. I began to ask her about my problems with my life. Everybody has a potential of being a shrink, or at least a pair of ears, not to say this is practicing my English.

That went pretty well, since she felt sorry that she could not help much with my language, might as well just give it a try for being a shrink.

So my company paid for 2 hours to have a English speaking woman to be my shrink, the type of people I have never considered seeing, never believing in but sometime craving for.

I got it in Berlitz. Who would know. Life is what you make it , not what you are handed to.

I almost whistled while walking back to work after the session, not that it is anything meaningful or helpful, it is when I find my life so absurdly funny and good in this lovely city.

But I cancelled the rest of my Berlitz session, the rest of 28 hours, I would rather sit in my office writing blog, and continue to mix up he or she when I actually mean she or he.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can only get a 1600 on GREs.

5:05 PM  
Blogger New York Red said...

Last time I checked, all the crazy people I know got close to 2300 which is the full score. But that was years ago. That just said that how obsolete I am a person is getting.

5:38 PM  
Blogger New York Red said...

My English is really bad in this past comment, maybe I should have continued the session. ;-)

11:38 PM  

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