Friday, October 21, 2005

Time for A Toast

"Let's have a toast." I said, raising my wine glass, in that Greek restaurant on the Upper West side.

You smiled and were quickly doing the mental scanning of any relevant meaning in the context of us for this date. You seemed to expect me to say something about us. Maybe I am too predictable, that way, to you.

No, I said, it is about China's second manned air mission. No, it is not about that. I just want to have a toast with you. We can make up things if we want.

You seemed to want to say something. We toasted for the manned air mission--I will toast for any mission that expand our front of existence, but not for military competition.

Then I was looking at my Journal last night, and, Alas, Sunday, Oct 17 was a major date, for you and me, depending how you look at it.

How interesting that we did not remember that, at least I did not. I know I have other dates that seemed more sentimental, more memorable.

We give dates meaning and create our own memory of history. I think that is another major distinguishing factor for human from animals besides using tools, we remember and choose memories to keep and forget.

That is true at least for a "sucker of Romantic Crap" like me--I cried watching Jerry Maguire the 4th time on TNT last night.


PS, some other relevant facts:
-Oct 16th is National Boss Day
-Highest number of people were born in Oct 15 in the US than any other day of the year, due to high conceiving rate back in Holiday season. I am happy I was not born in Oct, that will make me that much more special.


Blogger Thomas said...

Would the line "you had me at hello" work on you?

1:16 PM  
Blogger New York Red said...

Somebody would have to try to say hello and make the speech first for me to tell...

It was so frequently quoted by one of my co-workers as a joke, now it only make me laugh....

9:52 AM  

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