Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Am Going to Write Chinese Calligraphy

My friend who is packing her stuff, gave me this ink stone, brush and best of papers to write Chinese Calligraphy.

I have not written it for years. I used to hate it when I was a little girl, I lacked patience.

I type e-mail in English on a computer, that is all the writting I have done lately.

But this day I was so exicted to get this gift, I can not wait to spread the paper on my table and faced with the night skylines of the city, and slowly, quietly and most surly go through those strokes of ink painting.

It is as if suddenly I realized how beautiful they are, those moments that belong only to you, you write down those words that were recited by generations of your ancesteors.

Then again I am a little drunk now for drinking 4 beers from a co-workers farewell party, which these days is happening every other day.

Change and leaving are the forever subejcts, yet I am writting my Calligraphy, on this spotless white paper.

I am reading my friend's blog about her trip in Paris, meeting different random Parisian guys on the park of Paris, in cafe and bistro. Shopping in the store.

I liked that last year. I am to wear my white coat I bought in Paris soon.

But hey, let's write Calligraphy, when you will forget about things, like you are in meditation, or Yoga.

Life have stages. Now I just want to write my Calligraphy.


Blogger Matthew said...

Writing Chinese calligraphy sounds therapeutic. Drinking four beers sounds therapeutic, also.

6:40 AM  
Blogger New York Red said...

Ha Ha. There is a format of Chinese Calligraphy called "Drunken Scribbling", "Zui Cao", I almost did it last night....;-)

9:45 AM  

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