Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rear Window on A Stormy Night

I was riding the train downtown, never was on a late train like that. I was listening to Bob Marley, No Woman No Cry.

Parting was the hardest. I was scared for having had too much fun this weekend. Feeling of happiness make me feel worried. Not guilty, just worried.

I am superstitious.

40 minutes earlier, we were standing on the platform. We looked at the grey stormy sky and the buildings on the hills. I said, I felt this could be any city, any where in the world, any time in history, you and I, or any two people, standing on the platform, waiting for the night train, for me, to leave.

The sky, the drops or rain, the lights from the windows of buildings, tall and far, the warm wind, lightening, were all around us. it was a sky of passion covering a world of life. My hair was flying in the wind. You were silent. I was smiling silently.

30 minutes earlier, I was lying on my stomach, in your very tall bed, relaxed and calm, my elbows and the pillow underneath it right on the window pane of your bedroom window. I was peering out of the window and checking out each of the apartments across the street. We turned off our light so we won't be seen.

Breeze from the storm caresses the skin on my back, it felt like the nights of early youth, of not going home to parents yet, of lighting a cigarettes and blew the smoke outside the window and see it disappear into the air. You lied down beside me and I said, cover me a bit, with yourself.

We heard children's laughter downstairs on the street. Kids here do not go to bed when they should. You said.

But I liked to hear them laughing and playing, hear them growing up.

We saw the storm coming over the city, as the forecast said. The front of it was a straight line, quickly taking over the blue sky. It moved very fast, like it was going somewhere, leaving or coming back. Maybe the ocean was calling. It was darker in the west.

You got out of the bed and went in front of the computer and had the satellite photo on, we see the green mass move toward our city with the orange/red front.

We looked at the screen, and then looked at the sky. We saw the world and our perception of it.

We were lying there, thinking that we are in love--until it was time for me to get up, to leave.


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