Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Recent Acquistion by a Bookrish Girl

Between Ice Cream, exercise, new shoes, thinking of you, world cup games, heat wave and storms, I acquired the following books from my most recent trip to B&N at 66 street and Broadway.

By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (Paulo Coelho)

Amsterdam (Ian McEwan)

Above two authors I never read before, but they seem to be very productive and easy read. I am curious.

The Thinking Fan's Guide to The World Cup

This is the book of essays about the 32 nations and fun statistics. I read one or two of them either from New Yorker or The New York Times. I love the writing and wit and warmth. This is my first book purchase related with Sports.

Difficult Loves (by Calvino)

Touched with Fire

The book covers a subject that is very important to me, the relations between depression and the artistic temperatment. This book kept me up until 3 am that same night of purchase. Thought provoking.

To offset the bookrish weight, I went out clubbing and bar hopping with friends the night after the purchase. Clubbing is not my thing anymore, never was, full of weird looking instead of good looking people, crowded, the Brit Punk band is not bad at all.

Serena was having male only massage party. Meat packing was less packed with meat at this time and I got drunk for the pain in my heart. Cute and dull bankers are not cure of the pain either, espeically because there is no meaningful conversations that can be carried with them.

Let's just say I prefer to stay at my red studio and enjoy my new book acquisition until dawn and be alone with my thought, and my thought of you.

I maybe just boring and quiet.

Because of all the reading and world up games of this long weekend, I could not sleep last night and could not get up this morning. And I felt horrible. It had something to do with the hot pot I had previous night as well.

So I called in sick and that gaves me a very leisure afternoon and I even watched the France/Portugal game in the neighborhood bar.

Surprise how enjoyable it is when you get a little out of the routine and enjoy the simple life as it is.

I give anything for you and I to have that opportunity, again. Anything.


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