Tuesday, June 06, 2006


People here told me this is a evil date number, since it is related with the demon or Satan.

I remember the movie Rosmary's Baby and The Omen. Mia Farrow was so lovely in that Polanski movie.

In Chinese culture, however, 6 is a lucky number and 666 is just super lucky.

What a difference! And I, live in the space between the two culture, just think this is a special day, when the number combination is simple and elegant, where it marks the time that we passes by on this planet, this space, this time.

In China right now, 10 million kids are trying to sleep tight and wake up to the most important days in their life--the start of the 3-day nationwide college entrance exam. The exam that will determine their destiny and experience, that will lead them far or near, happy or unhappy.

Soccer World Cup is coming up. It is a beautiful game.


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