Friday, June 23, 2006

Faith Healer--A play I saw

I was in awe. I love story telling, and it can not be better done than this. It is a one-to-one experience, it is up close and personal. It is divine.

To own that moment with Rlaph Fiennes, or Frank Hardy, is a blessing. To listen to Ian McDiarmid's in his drunk British accent about the tale of a woman in red dress and a black ribbon in the back takes you to a fareaway places, dreamy, in the small villages of Ireland. To feel the anxiety and love and despair of Grace that is so intense you feel you can cut it through, is emotionally draining.

Structure of the story reminds me of Rashômon, and the ending reminds me of that of another story that I love dearly: The South .
by by Borges .

But it is the performances of the finest actors on stage, that make it so powerful.

Please, you, go see it.


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