Monday, June 26, 2006

Seattle, I Can Not Go Just Yet

Can not go. Should be on the plane last night, reschedule it. Of course, there is also a legitimate reason. I have to stay here to work on some new account, on which I will work with your best friend.

How do we take torture like this? Tell me.

Can not go. Even the potential boat ride on lake Washington, the cute PM who hit on me, the planned good time and vacation after that could not make me enjoy it.

Can not go. I feel relieved when I cancel it and my trip to SF afterwards. I can not run away. I have to stay and face it. And the wound is too new for me to go there. At least, here, is home, home city, where you may or may not be.

Seattle, is full of our memories that I could not face it just yet. But I know, the time will come.

My friend said: it is like that restaurant or bar, you can not make it yours and his so that you can never go back without him. You have to make it yours only.

And I stay to face the torture of not knowing, yet when I look into the eyes of your best friend, I can not help wondering and I don't know how long I can last like this.

There is a limit for what we can bear. They say.


Blogger haiku_girl said...

I totally understand your post. Le sigh. It's rough sometimes.

12:59 AM  
Blogger New York Red said...

And NYC has the most humid and overcasting weather right now, I heard Seattle is sunny...oh well

10:16 AM  

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