Monday, May 22, 2006

I Am Comfortable

"We will make sure you are comfortable with your portion", the lead woman said in her email, which is 2 slides for me to present. She is very nice.

I was pulled in last minute for a new business pitch with head of the office and some other people.

I replied "Sure!". I meant it. I am comfortable, with 2 slides or 20 slides; knowing nothing about this pitch or company. I am comforable because I have worked with much more smarter and picky people.

I am comfortable, because I am comfortable with myself.

I am comfortable that I am a flawed person but trying hard to be better, maybe I do talk too fast when I am nervous, and I get nervous even when I am comfortable.

I am comfortable trying to win the man I love back if he still does love me. I am comfortable now that I know him better and I know myself better.

I am comfortable knowing that we all could be weak sometime and choose to feel hurt to protect ourselves.

Believing that you are well makes me comfortable too, since that is ultimately what is the most important for me.

I am comfortable that I have followed my heart finally. I am grateful to know that I have grown so much through true love and pain.

I am comfortable for striving for the truth and testing the limit, I am comfortable to be a terrible tennis player.

I am comfortable knowing that I do love and care for my family but I need to be a happy person myself first to be a loving daughter and sister.

I am comfortable in missing you, I am also comfortable being alone, standing on my own.

Yet I am comfortable in believing that love is the best thing in life and erotic love is important part of it. I am comfortable loving you and what we have for all of its passion and mayhem and pleasure.

I am not comfortable that noisy and uninteresting people passing by my office which locate in a high-traffic area and peeking to see what I am up to.


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