Saturday, May 06, 2006

Photo Journal

This photo was taken by you in MOMA last time we were there, in Jan. You took this one illegally using my camera. I took it with me to Asia. I never erased it from the camera. I want to keep it to feel that you are close.

It also reminds me of how good you are in your drawing and writing.

This Spring I rode a lot along the bike route of Hudson river. Last weekend I rode up to Dyckman Street from 55 street, it was beautiful up near the Hudson Valley.

When I rode down south toward battery park, I was looking across the river. 2 summers ago, I lived in that yellow brick building on the pier across the river, on the middle toward the left on this photo. It was a beautiful apartment, on the water, but it felt empty. I was riding my bike on the other side of the river all the time, looking at Mahanttern, thinking of you.

Now I am here, on this side, riding my bike, thinking of you. Many have happened in our lives during.

Some say I have got what I want, I have enjoyed us, what else do I ask? I ask for having a real life with you together, like riding bikes together in the sun, like playing with a beautiful baby in the fountain at Columbus Circle, like loving you but not thinking of you, like living a life while not having to ask why or why not.


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