Tuesday, January 16, 2007

N Signs That I Am Quitting This Job Soon

1. I run out of note pads and do not know where to get the supplies, do not want to know either. I am taking notes, only if it is absolutely necessary, on random pieces of papers that I can put my hands on, as I get along. This include borrowing, stealing, or picking up from recycled bin near printers.

2. They are changing our normal working week from 35 hours to 42 hours, with no pay raise.

3. I now sit on the very dark floor where I first started 8 years ago, where the woman's bathroom poses life-threatening risks--because the doors of the stalls open onto each other. It is like a forbidden tunnel in a video game where you have to be strategically agile to get through unhurt, or without losing one eye. It is even worse if you lose it before you get your business taken care of. I heard the man's room is having its own challenge--so it is not like I can use alternative.

4. When I first used those stalls, I was having a crush on my then boss. I have no crush what so ever on any living or moving things within 0.5 mile radius of this office building currently, time to move on.

5. People I have hated or loved have all gone or plan to go. The only people left are mostly uninteresting, which means not charming or funny. I need to do the right thing for myself too, following the smarter and better ones.

6. I sat among creative people, who, unexpectedly to me, look lousy, grumpy, badly dressed, like all artists do, and some of them have really weird voice. The girl who sat outside my office has the same voice of the bathroon ghost girl of the Harry Porter movie--you know what I am talking about. I want to strangle her every time she talks, and she talks non-stop on the phone, like right beside my ear.

Every time she talks, my eyes narrow like when fighting a itch on your back that you can not scratch. After sitting in this office for a month, I think I officially has what D used to mimic as Chinese eyes, which as a Chinese, I don't have, which calls for a plastic surgery trip to South Korea soon.

7. CFO is checking timesheet every week.

8. CEO is never visible, who wears suits only, insecure and has a very dry sense of humor, which is worse than having none in this case, since he is the big boss.

9. Data people are working as free photographers and video editors--as extreme cost saving measures. That says a lot about a so-called major ad agency.

10. I am a small fish in a dead pond, feeling like to be airlifted for better water to breathe normally and blow bubble.

Except, after I type this up and before I post this, my bossed called: Come to my office NOW. I thought I am going to get fired for not taking notes in meetings or stealing papers.

"Congratuations!" She handed me an envelope. "You got a raise!".

Life is intersting, isn't it? Which leads me to item 11

11. Just got a raise and will not get another one for another 3 years. Time to move on, yes, feeling like moving on from this place like a greencard prisoner who has stuck for 8 years in the same place is feeling.
Still, I am not ungrateful.


Blogger -J said...

Wow. You're quiting after a raise. It reminds me of my friend who got a raise and said, "That's it? I expected $10,000.00 more. I quit."

2:08 PM  
Blogger dixiefrog said...

Hopefully your pond will clear up soon and you'll have new fun and interesting folks to work with once again. I know how it feels when it gets stagnant. It stinks.
But congratulations on the raise!

2:09 PM  
Blogger New York Red said...

Thank you Diexie and welcome...

2:24 PM  

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