Friday, November 10, 2006

This Night

A year ago, tonight, I was miserable and smashed 4 wine glasses in my apartment, and wrote this post, claiming the end of NYR blog. Although I did revoked that decision two weeks later.

That was after a especially happy weekend that we had together.

Two years ago this night, I was sitting in the Kenneday airport, going to Paris, the paris that we never have gone together, yet.

We are similar people, we remember dates, remember anniveries. We count. We hurt for loss.

I am thinking of you, for I know you will be thinking of today slightly differently as I do. I ask you to be happy on this day and many days to come.

I am not living the past, I am just living as me.

Like admiring the charm little book store at the back street of left bank, that was taken at my first night in Paris.


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