Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Girl's Story

I was enjoying the color, the palace, the beautiful shots, the mood, the fun, shoes, clothes, cakes, a story of a girl's life, when in that white tent, at night, someone began to rub the rim of their glasses.

Tears blurred my vision. I was thinking of that night of ours.

Has it been a year already. It felt like yesterday, it felt like a second ago, and it felt like forever.

I like this movie, how it was made, and the sound track. For we all want the same thing, living now or a year ago, or hundred of years ago--intimacy, love, warmth and strength.

The cry and longing has not changed, even you have all the best cake and clothes in the world at your hand's reach, or just being a working girl like me.

Some moments and things in life are just worth more than others. However you look at it. Like when you texted me "someone in Jake is rubbing their glasses tonight, I was thinking of you".


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