Friday, December 08, 2006

A Healthy Writer and Reader Relationship

LIN: SOS. Where is rest of the story?

NYR: Final chapter is in your inbox right you like it

LIN: Sure I am. It is just hard to wait.

NYR: It came in series...don't you think it is good you have something to look forward to in the last 3 days.

LIN: I feel vey excited when reading your story. I need to take a deep breath. How touching the story is!

(Not enough validation...)

NYR: Does my story excites you? if you don't know me, just as a reader, would you like this writting and story? Be honest.

LIN: To be honest to you, I like it very much. I feel excited about what was going on, and I have to hold my breath when I am reading it. My heart is beating faster...But, where is....


NYR: thank you....

LIN: So..when I can read the rest and know when what happend where...enjoy your writting.

NYR: Wait for the book, it may come out in a year or two, maybe longer, if at all; or in series in the magazine that I will publish someday, if I find the funding....

LIN: I just really hate you right now...

Some stories never really end, it continues somewhere, in dreams or on a quiet sunny winter afternoon. This 5-chapter unfinished story which I wrote in Chinese during a span of time at 2003 was truly just the beginning of such a story. The fact that it was so much enjoyed by my friends made me smile and silent, feeling blessed and humbled, teary.

Wish you all are reading something that you enjoy, or enjoy somethig that you may or may not be reading, on this winter night.


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