Tuesday, October 04, 2005


How long can you continue to be an insignificant part of someone's emotional needs when you love this someone?

How long can you have just an opaque relationship while your heart experienced and continue to desire love?

Scaling back from loving a person is like a slow cook to death. Seeing that what was there being marginalized by your restatement of your past is a slower cook to death.

When do we learn to let go? An amputation should be in order, not a quiet and tiring wait for the offical death of a dead muscle.

The part you could not talk about, me, our time together, are marginalized. I saw my existence being erased from your offical emotional record, or, it is just that it always has been a marginal gain for you.

I began to doubt its existence while I see the other side of your life unfolding in times when I was thinking of you, when we were thinking of each other.

You repainted your memory out of regret and loneliness. You are restating your past. You are restating your emotional account balance, as they all do today, a restatment.

But what a heart felt can not be restated or revised. It left its mark, deep, dried up, became a memorial mummy, recognizable and forgotten.


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