Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life, Sweet Life

Am working on a Return On Investment Point of View deck right now for my client, 10:08PM, and watching (actually listening to) COPA live on a Spanish TV channel, on Sopcast.

I can hardly tell the Argentinian from Mexican, it is that blurry.

But at least, the suspesne won't kill me now.

I took some days off last week, I can not complain.

And when you are this busy, you are less prune for feeling sad. I feel so heart broken last night, being little drunk at daylight did not help.

It has been so long, yet when it hits you, it still suck so much. It suck so much now. Between the deck, the getting by, the trips, the sun, the wine, the poker game, the straight of cards, so well done, stars at night, the quietness of the valley, between the days and nights and looking toward the north and wonder whether you are still there, between all these, I could not forget, yet I also don't remember, only when I do. The ache of missing you shroud me like a veil.

Lying awake at my friend's living room,I feel the loss of gravity. The hasty temper and over delicacy sense of honor as a lover-I should read Sun Tzu better.

I am managed to be amused now, working late and listening to Soccer in Spanish. Deck is doing well.

But someone told me earlier tonight: don't work late, it is never worthwhile. She had a very good point.

It might be true.

Maybe I will take a break to go live in Paris or Lisbon, now that I have a greencard, I can slack a little.

I will play only staright cards from now on. I don't read your face and let's not bluff, I bet with my cards, lying face down. This sounds like a lyrics from Clem snide.

It is all about return on investment, yet, when it comes to love, I don't know how to evaluate it other than say, I feel it, I feel it, but I can not name the reason when it break me, I can not name the reason when it make me smile.

And Argentinian, don't you dare to be beaten.


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