Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Slacker is Happy on a Summer Day

I may or may not come in tomorrow. I told my boss. I extended my last day to this week, but I decided to slack for a day.

It is a summer day, I am getting coffee, doing laundry, wearing strip top and jeans, flat sandals of green color, getting my first two pairs of Army Green Jeans from tailtor shop, slacks' life is good.

Girl scream at me while crossing the street and we were on each other's way, I did not scream back, I was smiling, slacker's day has no room for anger or rushness.

I am doing laundry, trying on new jeans, writing a little blog, putting on some music.

Summer is here and I can get a zipcar and drive to beach or mountain, or staying at hood and read a new book, or else.

Need to fix my hair before next week.

Such existentialism with no higher purpose is good, is a gift, is when the heart can be filled without you knowing it and the soul gentelly smile without looking into your eyes.

Slacking on a summery day in New York, is such a peachy martini kind of refreshing.

Yes, four of us went out drink last night and have some wild girl's discussions.

And I maybe joining a soccer team too, playing with people who are fit but do not know the rules or people who are not fit thus ineffective either ways, my beloved friend so put it.
I am effective in a damaging way.

Tennis is on agenda, bike need to be tuned.

Don't ask me about the new job yet, but I will be fine. Slacking is a recharging for that, as all healing is a readiness exercise for the continued journey.

Forget about the French Existentialism now, forget about philosophical questioning and annoying coolness of high thinking, let me be a simple Chinese New Yorker existence for a day, with no attitude, no pretense, no pose, no worries of clients, no pain.


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