Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy To Be That Monkey

I was feeling warm reading this cartoon book, American Born Chinese, with the story of Monkey King smartly woven into, tales of whom I grew up with.

Then I read the Modern Love article from New York Times: When Chine Reopend, I Rushed in Too Fast.

Toward the end, it said: "I think about East and West Misunderstandings and endless schisms, the missed cues and the cultural and political divide that drove us apart. I think about how quick I was to love and how little I knew about him.'

That story started in China 20 or so years ago or even longer, I believe, and had its tragic twist in England. Life takes us to faraway palaces, or to people, from faraway places.

D once addressed me lovingly in a voice message: Hey, China. I smiled when listening to that message, this FOB, I was and am proud of our differences, yet, love of each other.

When East meet west, or, rather, when one heart meets another, that is where life happens, that is where we know that be your true self and be brave about it, is the only way to bridge, connect and be so close that you almost feels so together, intimately, as if being one.

And I could never have enough of my Monkey king, not to say, so wittily drawn.

And I could not help but sharing this with all of you. It made me smile. I hope it make you too.


Blogger chris miller said...

I can make out the three basic characters of Monkey, Priest,and Monster -- but the link to the page isn't working -- so I can't identify which episode is being shown.

And .... is it really wise to discuss romantic love in the very same post ?

I mean -- doesn't every reader of Monkey King know that each and every attractive, available, approachable young woman is just a man-eating ogre in disguise?

Those are words I live by !

9:57 PM  
Blogger NYE said...


There is no link. I scanned my book and uploaded the photo.

Monk was ready to save Monkey King from the pile of stones where the Budda put him under for punishment.

You are right, in that Monkey King actually never had any romantic feelings toward anyone or any other Monkey, other than killing off those man-eating ogre disguised as sweet girls.

Although it may seem flow weirdly, I do have my reason to make all these connections, in my own little way...

2:38 AM  

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