Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heart,Liver, Soul

She will still be beautiful when she gets older, the structure and the economy is there.

I don't know you can use the word economy like that, but I get it. And it feels right.

When a man can describe a woman's beauty like this, you know he gets it and you know he get some real beauty in front of him.

But he then did even better, "She could show lots of heart, liver and soul in time." He is in love with her.

He begain to fall in love with her. She know everything is allright, even they don't talk.

I am in love with her too. I am in love with their love.
Does this kind of story repeat itself in a newer vesion, every tens of years?

His defense only make him in love more. His defenese self defeat.

I knew how that feel, I know when you want to give this all to someone that you want to be with, so much that you hurt just stand besides him, I know how that restraint unleash.

He talk about nothingness, he use this word like I use the world in my unpublished post, clean, and simple word, crafted sentences so perfect and it take you deep into it, wrap you up, let you dream and do not want to leave.

I felt in love reading his words, sharing their secrets, all of them, admiring woman of great beauty and woman of haunting prettiness, youth and soul that is older than her age.

Stubborn longing, take me now. You can not have just what you wanted. He resisted.

That sounds so very familiar. You told me that.

When did he fall in love, he is being presented this love, or long before that.

Can he love some woman and yet in love with another?

Can you love me while you love Trish?

What is our heart telling us? Or what is our heart imagining or want us to believe? We believe what we feel, that is the only thing reliable in this world, so in the end, nothing is.

These words, these love and longing, shapeless and colorless yet, by the only somewhat damaged souls, are so tender and yet so strong that they make you fall, fall when you also rises.

There are people, there are conversations, there are deep thoughts, secretive thoughts, there are attitudes, guesses of intents, there are names of objects and hotels, but mainly there are only souls and desires and love, a word that is very intangible.

There is the tension and tenderness you carry this infront of you, chewing on it as if you are just in love yourself. Like what you lost will be regained just like that, by opening this infront of you, then you are saved and loved.

I know now why Hemingway is jealous.


Anonymous Lilac said...

Like this article a lot (along with many of your fav posts - first stumbled upon your blog months ago on Man & their intentions when i was searching smthg else on google)

Do you know your writing is magical... the questions you've raised, the words you've chosen or maybe its the way you've phrased them. I'm not very good at verbalizing what I feel/think, they come in colors, sounds, fragrances & images - but your writings just seem to download my thinking into words... it felt amazing. Keep posting :)

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Newyorkred said...

Welcome, Lilac

Thanks for your comment. I saw the one you left on the other post, and responded. I am glad these words connect with you, hope you are happy in London (right?). That is another great city like New York, like Hong Kong, Like Paris, like Bejing, I feel lucky that we have been to these places, and have our share of love and tears and laughters...I will try to write better, hope to see you around. ;)

7:11 PM  

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