Sunday, April 09, 2006

Picking Up Speed

I sort of lost my virginity to a bike years ago, I know, it happens, accidents that make you not bleeding on the first night.

I am lucky that I was born in a time of more liberty in China-if this word even makes sense there-given what happend to my friend lately, otherwise, I could be stoned to death in older times, for not riding a bike well.

Then I almost lost something else this weekend, to a cycling class, my workable legs. I had problems standing up, sitting down and walking down stairs. I worked it too hard while trying to pick up speed to reach the mountain top, so required the instructor.

It was a good session, I sweated so much that I am happy that I won't have much tears to shed later. If you have seen Chong King Express, you shall know the jogging policeman and what I mean.

It is a good session until I got off the bike and found that I could not stand on my feet. It was a funny feeling, your legs that you always takes for granted, were almost not there for you.

I am training for a tour ride in the city. More info is to come.

Those activities are good at times of this, I need to set up a goal and focus to realize that. I know that I need a good seat as well.

My butt already hurts for the 1 hour cycling class. I can not imagine if I ride for 8 hours, what would happen if I don't have a good seat.

I may lose something else besides virginity, good legs or a heart.


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