Monday, March 20, 2006

A Reading

Why poets kill themselves young
I hear they led a great life
Having more sex than people with real job
Yet they crave for more

Like this poet form the reading
Putting too many dirty words in his own mouth
He was drunk, almost proudly so
The only thing I like about suckling breast in his poems are
"My lips are pink, like the skin of pig
But necessarily so"
For that slice portion of humor

Why poets dress badly
The woman whose monolog revolves around
Since you left and I am doing fine
Achieves almost amusement, and some echo in my heart
I am almost ready for tears when
her shoes and socks distracted me
They are not matched, for passion
Or I am just not a woman poet material
who are responsible solely for writing words
and reading them

Yes, none of them really leads us from
Point A to Point B
But good poems really kill
Really, like
Since you left, I am doing fine.


Blogger chris miller said...

Just got a new book in from
inter-library loan --
in English it's called "The Carnal prayer mat"
-- and the handsome, scholarly hero
has two great ambitions in life:
#1. be the world's most famous poet
#2. marry the world's most beautful woman
... so I guess you're right: poets are supposed to have the most sex. (although I
think Genghis Khan holds the all-time record -- claiming half of central Asia as his decendants )
By the way -- if you have a copy --
can you tell me what Chinese characters might have drawn the translation of "puritanical" and "romantic" (two important
concepts in the story)

1:32 PM  
Blogger New York Red said...

puritanical: 禁欲
romantic: 浪漫

9:12 PM  

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