Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You Need PhD of Engineering to Figure This Out

As a cost saving measure, I believe, we got a new type of water cooler/heater in the office. It was put near the tab, since it is basically tab water processor with a filter in the back.

The thing is, from the beginning, people think it is broken. For, no one can make it work, that is, when you want hot water. And as a Chinese, I want hot water all the time, for my tea.

So it takes me a good trial and error process to tackle this.

There are three buttons on the side and a flash light. So it looks pretty high tech.

I placed the cup in the proper place, took a deep breath and got started. Usually red button indicates hot water and as the right-handed me, I chose the right red button almost without thinking.

After one push, I waited. Nothing happened. I tried again, and again, still nothing happened.

Ok,I am flexible and smart. I know how to ajust strategy when one path proves to be blocked.

I went for the left button, from the angel of my hand, you can tell this is not the most intuitive position at all. And not surprisingly, nothing happened either.

I counted my fingers and the number of buttons, feeling relieved that my fingers outnumber the buttons to be manipulated. So I looked around, making sure that there is nobody around, and I tried the extreme.

I tried to press three buttons at the same time. You can tell it is akward since my mid finger could not find the blue button easily. Yet, even after that, nothing happened. I am getting anxious.

I thought I am smart girl. I was straight A student. But I could not get hot water out of this little thing. I felt at a loss.

Maybe, I was staring at the ceiling and gave it some serious thought. I remebered some old routine in Martial art film, when the good gal tries to get the eyes of the bad guy, she would do the two-finger trick.

This idea inspired me. My hands almost trembled with excitement when I reached out two of my fingers to the two red button.

Splash! Like a nation was born, like the magic door was opened in the old Arabic tales at the secret code of Alibaba.

Hot water finally came out.

And when I say it came, I mean it really really CAME.

I surely felt lucky that I did not hold the cup while playing this trick, for the other good hand of mine might get seriously burned.

This demonstrates three facts:

I am extremely bored at work and not motivated;

This machine is extremely entertaining;

And our company building service level has reached a new low.

And I almost was not thinking of you, or my heartache.

Now I am off for more tea.


Blogger Thomas said...

Legally I can help you sue them for bad instructions.

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