Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Morning Monologue of the Over Achiever

I am sleepy due to lack of sleep last night and the Spring Forward of time and the Fall back of me.

Reading the tons of client material like paralegal made things worse. And knowing my raise totaled $3000 in the last 12 months and for the next 6 months is not comforting.

The same guy sitting at the corner of Pret, smiled and nodded at me when I took my coffee out.

I was smiling back as a nice person will do until I recognized this is the same guy from last week and my smile disappeared quicker than my usual Asian fake smile.

Is the stalker being stalked? Who on earth wear a suit and sit at the Pret every morning at 9:30, or, 10:00 and smile and nod to some girl or woman?

Have you seen the movie Vanish. The Dutch version. That guy reminded me of that good father in Vanish.

I finished my coffee, checked many blogs, thought of you for a while, when the time was solely dedicated to thinking of you while looking at my computer screen or the patch of sky that is outside my office window, had a close-door gossip moment with girl at work.

Now I am sleepy again due to lack of sleep last night and the Spring forward of time and the fall back of me.


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