Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter, Thinking of Spanish City

Easter Sunday, I just woke up and was thinking of riding my bike along the west side highway and going to one of the churches on the upper west Side, not for service, just to go and sit there for a while.

And Easter, reminds me of the plan we once had, to go to Seville in Spring, to see the Semana Santa and the Seville Fair, to drive to the small and white villages on the seaside on many small excursions.

Spain, to me, means this little promise we made to ourselves, to go there together, to see the bull fighters and flamenco dancers, to see the country of blue water, white houses, and brown plains, home of beloved painters, to love each other and not thinking of it while taking in this land, across the ocean from here, the city where we live.

Easter and Spring, it gives us hope. I am thinking of the Spanish city today and is hopeful for your happiness, my happiness and one day to see that city, glistering in front of my eyes.

You will be there with me.

"The Easter Holy week, "Semana Santa", and the Seville Fair, "La Feria de Sevilla" (also Feria de Abril, "April Fair") are the two most well-known of Seville's festivals. Seville is internationally renowned for the solemn but beautiful processions during Semana Santa, and the colourful and lively fair held two weeks after.

During Feria families set up casetas or tents in which they spend the week dancing, drinking and socializing with their whole extended families. The women wear elaborate flamenco dresses and the men dress in their best suits. The fair grounds are set up like a type of village in which each street is named after a famous torero, or bull fighter."


Blogger Gawain said...

I think you should go to Santa Semana whether he comes or not. Keep the promise -- not to him; to yourself.

11:50 PM  

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