Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NYR in China

Let red be back to the sea of red.

I am traveling back through time and space, to home. To a sleepy home city. It is Chinese new year and I am going home. No firecrackers. But familiar faces.

I was talking to the French CEO of my company, I said is there anything I could do for you while I am in China, your largest market and where you feel that you are being bullshitted to but you could not point your figures at something, you could not figure them out.

They all love and hate that gigantic market where mystery and riddle still dominate any effort of communications.

Yes, take my card, use my name, do whatever you want, report to me, I will cover you financially.

Good. He sounds like the Chinese he is trying to understand now. Unstructured, talk the talk, nothing tangible but you know things are happening everyday. Everybody running around, nobody stops and thinks.

Too much money to be make. Nobody asks the question of being happy.

I am going, despite that my heart want to stay here with you. You said: go, that will make me feel better.

When I come back, can I see you smile?

I need to find a way to access gmail blog from China. It is blocked. But there are ways to go around it. I heard. I still would like to read the blogspot postings by so many talented bloggers such as Thoms and Geoffery, while I am there.

So NYR takes a break.

Happy Chinease New Year and Happy birthday, Aquarius!

That covers you and me.


Blogger Geoffrey Hirschfeld said...

Hey you! Glad to hear that you got to go home-that must be a real contrast, living in a city that has sooo much vibrance to a place that has such tradition, deeply seeded politics, and a rich history. You may agree, but I miss your blog too! When are you going to come home, mon dieu? I hope that things are well, and that you post some new things soon-take care, and may your journey enrich you with things that you can only speak of!

3:25 PM  

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