Thursday, December 29, 2005

Girl Talk Goes Wild

I was on the phone with my girlfriend for the last hour. She was updating me with her dating experience with this Iran guy that she met up with after Christmas break.

This will be there second date. The meeting had its expected urgency and tension.

"Sex is great! He is good on all levels, actually he is the best among all the guys I have had since I came to the US, although he does not have the largest you-know-what."

She began to go into details that make me feel obligated to make comments like" Wow", "Really", "That is great!" and "I know what you mean, you don't have to say it".

Although I think the encounter is lacking the strong basis of long-term attraction or burning chemistry which can leads to long-term potential--I am not denying I feel a bit sour-grape for having spent the holiday primarily with non-sexual based friends, not with the man I love to be with, I had to agree all info did support that it was great sex.

From what I heard, he is very sweet and open as well, a guy with no baggage. Following conversation between her and the guy further proves my point:

The Iran guys is hairy, with dark hair. They were lying in bed in-between their multi actions.

My friend looked at his lower body covered with dark hair and said: I feel like I am sleeping with a carpet. (That sounds a mean comment to me).

But the guy was happy to hear that and obviously had a good sense of humor as well: Yes, it is top quality Persian Carpet, hand-made as well.

I laughed my tears out, although I was pretty low this holiday. That just made me laugh so hard.
To me, that is the climax of our one-hour holiday girl talk about sex, intimacy, man we love and hate, and ever desirable purity of love.

Funny and close friends are so great, especially when you feel a bit alone and is missing someone in a holiday time.

May the new year bring us more happiness, understanding, good communciation, good health, prosperity and acquisiton of lots of top tier prodcuts like Persian carpets.


Blogger Plasma TV Center said...

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8:52 PM  
Blogger Geoffrey Hirschfeld said...

ROTFLMAO! A Persian carpet-that is classic! I will bet you that this guy gets laid A LOT with a sense of humour like that-It's like Austin Powers via Tehran!

BTW- so what if you spent the holiday with non-sexually based friends. I spent a lot of this holiday alone(or in my car, which was even worse!), including a Christmas night sleeping in a chair where I work(long story made short-we had a huge storm, the power was out and as I am the assistant manager at a hotel and my boss was out of towne, I went and babysat my guests). At least you can feel at home amongst the crowd that is New York-the faces that are painted the colour of life, passing your window or on the street. One of these days I will get to see it for myself....:)

BTW-I thought of you the other day. I was waiting for the draw bridge that seperates Aberdeen from the beach, and the water was beautiful. It was as thought you could see the difference between the salt water of the Harbor and the fresh water of the river where it meets the harbor.It has this melting look like it, much like a swirling pattern of the brackish water. It's complicated beauty was something that I know that you would have appreciated in it's simplicity(if that makes sense). Take care!

3:26 AM  
Blogger New York Red said...


You sounds like you have had a eventful Holiday! I thought you have disappeared and have partied like crazy for not writting much in the last week. ;-)

Sorry to hear that you went through power outage and sleeping on chairs on Christmas day. Ok, I feel better!

Thanks for your kind word and thanks for thinking of me when you see that scenery. I wish I have, definitley believe you do, the capability to see through complication and appreciate beauty in its most simple and essiential way, straight through our hearts.

And amazingly, I have driven through Aberdeen in July with a friend and visited one of the beach near the coast, it is amazing you live right around that area. South or North of Aberdeen? The beach I visited is called Copalis, there is a river running through it. My friend and I had no idea the beach is bearly accessible and it is not the beach we had in mind from the coast of the East or California. But it was an amazing experience.

Kurt Cobain came from Aberdeen, isn' it?

Do hope you can make a trip to New York sometime, I can't imagine how many beautiful writting or songs you would have written for experencing this city.

Happy New Year!

6:22 PM  
Blogger Geoffrey Hirschfeld said...

You have been to Copalis-Holy Hell, that is about a thousand ways of strange and cool at the same time! I live south of Copalis, in the little towne of Westport, right at the tip of a little penninsula. It rains like hell during the winter, and July and August are beautiful here. That is sooo bizarre that you have been here-most people have no idea of what the coast is like, and how rugged it is. If you don't mind if I ask, Copalis Beach is a pretty desolate area, what posessed you to go there? There is not a lot there, and the people can be a little grumpy, to say the least. Kurt was from here-I have a good friend who is(?) his cousin, and she battles depression something fierce. The fruit does not fall very far from the vine, I'll tell ya with them! He used to come over to her house and play with his neice(who is now all grown up), and throw her in the air and catch her. His cousin would scream, "Kurt, you asshole, don't do that to her" and like Courtney Love discribed him, the little "Jesus-Picies" man would sheepishly and thoughtfull say sorry. Sad that he is gone....But visiting here, can you understand why people here drink, do drugs and are depressed?

Take care-you are a thoughtful person, and I hope that this new year imparts the beginnings of true fullfilment on you. Ciao! :)

PS-and very little partying went on here, thank you very much-No "Betty
Ford" for least, not yet.:)

7:47 PM  

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