Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things worth thanking for--CAETANO VELOSO 2007, Luo Ta You, Bob Dylan

Saw Caetano's performance in Nokia Theater 2 days ago. His song in Talk to Her, a film I watched years ago, signifies a start of significant phase in my life. So his voice, is always special to me.

He sang that song tonight, and said, when people say "I hate you" tenderly, it sometimes means the deepest way to say I love you.

That kind of passion I knew.

There are two other song writers, Lou Ta You and Bob Dylan, whom I believe in their own way, similar to Caetano, have the same zeal, variety of styles and cultural influcence, once the rebelious and angry youth in leather jacket, the tenderly lover, now the wise and humours men, but innocence at heart, children forever.


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