Thursday, January 31, 2008

To See the World, in Red

This past year, I have changed a job and went to Denmark, and become a better human being, become myself. This city got empty, and achingly beautiful.

And I will be missing it, soon. I just know.

I have been born to see and feel the world in faraway places, who would have thought.

That day trip to Louisanna Center of Contemporary Art, on the sea shore, north of Copenhagen, remains crisp and clear, with all the red I saw, then and now, on this year of the red, of mine, of growth, of change, of compassion.

That song, which you sang to me over the phone, on this day. Those moments of ours, are in red as well, as I remember, with a smile. I am breathing it.

Stories became whispers, lingering with the thoughts of those once were.

There is only beauty, there is none other, in the deep places of our hearts, at the tips of our fingers, and the corner of our lips, when we touched, met, got to know.


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