Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Falling on the Deaf Ear

On a busy and narrow street in Seattle, I got in the cab that was called for me by the receptionist of the office.

Cab driver: Where are you going? (He sounds weird, slow, but I did not think much)
Me: W hotel.
CD: Where?
Me: W-----hotel
CD: Wal---mart?

I cast a serious look to make sure he was not bullshiting with me. He looked mentally challenged. He reminded me of the guy who sat in the basement in the movie Office Space.

I sighed and tried louder :W hotel
CD: Oh..Da Buuu Yiuuuuuu....Hotel
Me: Yes...(Rolling my eyes, I know it is not my accent-I don't have one speaking just W!)

I then said something that I regretted :How much does it cost for you to wait and take me to Redmond afterwards?

CD: Where?
Me: Redmond
CD: Do you want to go to Red Wood, instead of W hotel?
Me: No. I will go to W first. But I need to check out..(I stopped for there is no point of continuing..)
CD: Where?

He began to talk to himself all the way, mumbling. I was wondering how does cab drivers get their license in this town. Luckily we arrived at W in 3 minutes with no major drama.

CD: So...here is the DA Bu Yuuuuu hotel
ME: Thanks, can you give me a receipt?
CD: OK. I think we can go to Redwood.
ME: No, Receipt please. I am pointing.
CD: Oh I am sorry. So do you want to go to Redwood?
ME: Redmond. I am going to Red-Mond!!
CD: OK. I will take you there.
ME: No. I am not going now.
CD: You are not?
ME: I will go later.

I am getting out of the car, like fleeing.

CD: Oh, but for a while, I thought you are going to Red-Mond....

Dark cloud came out of my head like in those Japanese cartoons.

Seattle, it is full of surprises. I was actually amused.

But check this flash out: the little angry asian girl in red. She sounded like me too.

I hope this make you laugh. It made me.


Blogger Geoffrey Hirschfeld said...

As usual, you in Seattle, and me someplace else.....Are you and Thomas keeping the city clean while I am gone? Alaska is beautiful, btw-I have a guy on my boat from NYC, and he has more tales of the city than you can shake a stick at! Take care, and remember that you are not forgotten.

5:41 AM  
Blogger New York Red said...

Can't talk for Thomas, but I have been behaving, besides bringing in a bottle of liquid to the plane and being reported by fellow passenger--no hard feelings, since I broke the rule unintentionally. Good to hear from you from the boat in Alaska. Be safe and have fun.

9:39 PM  

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