Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Night Is Not Just A Night

A night out with friends turned into one with great surprise and delight. It felt lovely in the way that you believe only New York can makes you feel.

We went to the bar called Livingroom at Ludlow Street to listen to the performance by my previous co-worker's wife, after too excessive of a dinner at Korean town. He is geekily handsome and there exists some little nice tension. We probably see each other once a year during ex-co-worker gatherings or at client's where he is consulting. His wife, Heather, the song writer and performer, is beautiful, sweet and talented.

The bar and lounge locates one block east of Allen, a street I used to frequent for Congee and fried dumplings. I have never really ventured into further east that much.

But the night we did it, we encountered Norah Jones and the lovely band.

The two other performances before her were fantastic including Heather. I love her voice, rich but with a sad touch. And I like her funny lyrics. I especially like a song about Saturn and Orbiting.

Jennifer, the girl followed Heather dressed like a housewife from the South but she was so passionate and powerful. She put me into tears when she sang "Everything is possible" in a soft and low voice, accompanied by only her own guitar. It was her birthday and we all sang "Happy Birthday to you" to her.

But Norah, what can you say--a real beauty with such a voice and vigor. We sat in the table right off the little performing stage--the platform. She filled my eyes with the beauty and atmosphere of hers, leaving no room for much of anything else. Her existence is that dominating.

Everyone else in the band is seductively unique in his own way, laughing, joking, casually intimate. I love the Bass Player's hands. I feel almost sexually aroused just by looking at the way the left hand rested on his instrument before starting--a moment of waiting but assurance of the move to follow. I heard that is the boyfriend.

The vocalist is fun, talented and with a great voice. Norah had the most interation with him. They seemed extremly comfortable with each other and well coordinated.

And the guitar player, a man in his 50s dressed in white shirt and black suits, make you wonder what he looked alike when he was younger, but then you would always decided that you love what you see now. Like grey hair is sexy, so is man who ages well or never ages from certain angel. But he would not need all that charisma anyway, his guitar says it all and so much more.

Up and close to Norah Jones and band on a little bar and lounge in lower east side, surrounded by song writers, music producers and just common New Yorkers at 1 am of a cool summer night. There were beautiful people, people with talent, or with a heart for songs that remind you of some moments that almost existed, that you want to believe that they existed.

I don't have to say more, except that I am in pink shirt and white pants and my friend was in her usual architect black from head to toe.

A side bar, the guy sat besides us began to get chatty. He was genuinely nice, young and innocent. He said: I am average height here and I really want to visit China. I heard it is hip and I would feel higher there right? like I did in South America. " I swear he is serious but not intend to displease anymone. He just said what he felt.

I looked at myself and my friends, both cute but PETITE, I said: you better go there fast if you want to achieve that. I heard they are getting taller and taller these days, fast. And you can earn your way there by singing live in some bars, even dollar have devalued, you will be OK.

I love New York.


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well, i have never been as close as it sounds like you were to a famous person before. my heart lives in cusco, the other city. hayley.

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