Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A moment of the night in the coastal village of Italy

I was sitting among the happy diners of that best restaurant in this lovely coastal resort town of southern Italy.

I was smiling, sadly, I thought of your smile and instantly I felt it was you sitting there smiling, as if my soul has left my body and looked back and saw you.

My heart ached and sang at the same time, seeing the corner of your mouth, feeling the touch of your chin at the tip of my fingers.

And when I looked down, I saw my hands resting on my upper leg, on the silk dress I was wearing that night, resting like what you do with yours when you are uneasy, it is the "Monkey Hands" that I was making, without my knowing it.

I changed myself into you for missing you so much.

Tears of guilt and loss blurred my vision and the night looked even more merrier than it was.


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